Want To Replace Your Own Bulbs?

Feb 9, 2021

Pool Light Bulb Replacement

Replacing your light bulb in your pool may be easier than you expect. Bulb replacements happen all the time and if everyone had to drain their pool to replace bulbs that would be a lot of water waste! Luckily engineers anticipated bulbs needing replacement and most pool light fixtures and setup are specifically designed with replacement in-mind. You should not need to drain your pool to replace your bulbs.

  1. Secure the power. Anytime you’re working with electricity it’s best-practice to turn the power off to prevent possible damage to electrical systems or components and prevent personal injury.
  2. The best way to secure the power is at the breaker. Locate the breaker for the light(s) and switch the breaker to off. If you’re not sure which breaker to secure you can turn all of them off or have your local electrician come out and label your breakers for you.
  3. Once you’ve secured the breaker be sure to test the lights; you don’t want them to come on. Once you’ve confirmed the power is turned off you can proceed to the next step.
  4. Remove the single screw at the top of fixture or bezel. In most situations there’s a single screw holding the light fixture to the pool wall.
  5. Place the screw in a safe location so you don’t lose it.
  6. Remove the light fixture of the box with a flat-screwdriver. Many fixtures have a tab toward the bottom to allow the fixture to be removed from the wall.
  7. Pull the light fixture out of the water onto the side of the pool. There should be enough cable available to get the light fixture out of the water so you can perform the replacement out of the water. If there’s not enough cord or you’re not able to remove the light enough to replace the bulb contact a professional.
  8. Remove cover and lens from fixture. You don’t want any water to get into the light fixture after removal of lens and cover.
  9. Remove bulb. Unscrew or pull bulb depending on your light fixture.
  10. Purchase a replacement bulb. Taking the original bulb with you to purchase a new one allows you to ensure you get the correct replacement.
  11. Without touching the bulb directly insert your new bulb. You can use a towel or gloves to keep the oils on your skin from contaminating the surface of the bulb.
  12. Test. Energize the breaker and see if the light works.
  13. Turn breaker back off after successful test.
  14. Light works. Assemble the fixture back together. Be sure gasket is in-place and securely tightened.
  15. Install light back in pool. Coil cable back into light box.
  16. Apply light into light box and secure using screw.
  17. Energize breaker and verify your light is still working.