Pool Decorating And Events

Feb 9, 2021

Owning a pools is one of life’s luxuries for sure and incorporating it into your style and home functions is totally doable. There many ways to incorporate your pool into your event. There’re two ways to approach decorating your pool and that comes down to do you want people getting in the pool or not. The choice is yours and can definitely determine the direction you’d like to go. If people are not getting in the pool you’ll tend to apply or go with more decorative and visually appealing. If you’re wanting people to get into the pool then having fun things to do while in the pools are the way to go.

When people often talk about pool decor they’re often referring to more long-term. This is where we talk about decorating for a specific event such as birthdays, Holidays, or weddings.

Getting In The Pool

Planning events where you want people to get into the pool is so much fun. Everyone likes to have a good time and experiencing a pool party or an event that incorporates the pool is not something people are able to do as often as events without pools. The rarity will make it interesting. Now, having said that keep in-mind who your audience is for this party. How likely will they be to be comfortable with themselves in a bathing suit! It’s not uncommon for parents at birthdays to sit and watch kids play in the pool but never get in, so know your audience before throwing a party where you plan for people to get in the pool.

Adults are more apt to get into their bathing suits when it’s dark; an evening event may have higher chances of participation. But, then keep in-mind temperature. People don’t like cold. Unless you’re in Alaska and you’re rolling in the snow only to jump back in the pool.

Get a Hoop

You’d be surprised at how much people enjoy throwing a ball into the hoop at the pool. You don’t need something super expensive but it does need to be about 1-5ft off the pool deck or side-area. The one illustrated above is fairly affordable and would do the trick.

There’re many other options available such as water polo nets or a volleyball net.

What’s you’re providing your guests is something to do. Any person who likes sports will likely want something to do besides roast in the sun.


Pool floaties are great for people to have both something to do and can add to the decor. Let’s not over do it but you can add a few floaties to the event that are within theme or are also something fun to do. A beer-pong floaty would do great. People between the ages of 25-35 are really into beer-pong.

If your event is going to be for kids you might want to keep floaties to a minimum as it will make it more difficult to keep an eye on what’s going on in the pool.

Out of the Pool

The next items are what to incorporate with either for an event that you intend for people to get in or stay out of the pool, either will work.


If planning an evening pool event it allows you to use creative lighting. Water that’s illuminated with color lights or any lights for that matter is really pretty to look at. If your pool is lit up at an event at least one person will ask a question about your pool.

This example below is great as they can be used for day or night. They come in different colors and can be set to illuminate your pool in the evening.


A theme is what ties everything together making it feel like it was purposeful and planned.

Theme Keys:

  • Mood – Colors, music
  • Event – Characters, shapes, items
  • Food – Type and size (portions)
  • Drinks – Juice, Coffee, Cocktails, beer, wine, whiskey

Tying these items together can be challenging but when you do it really gives your party that memorable experience you want your guest to experience


Now that you’ve got some ideas of what to do with your pool at your next event we know it will be a success!