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Regular pool and spa maintenance is the best way to ensure that your pool or spa stays clean and helathy year round. Our professional service technicians will maintain your pool on a weekly basis every month. 


Need something fixed?  Let our knowledgeable repair technicians help troubleshoot and fix the issue. Our trained technicians have the experience and skills necessary to diagnose and repair equipment failures. 

Acid Wash & Tile Cleaning

Over time an unsightly white scum line can start to appear at the edge of your pool. To remove this from swimming pool tiles we have a process to bring your pool back to looking new!  Acid washing can provide an additional layer of cleaning to get your pool looking new.

Emergency Service

We know keeping your pool clean and running smooth year round takes work and effort. In the event you have an emergency after store hours, there are a few things you can do until one of our professional technicians can be reached at the next avaliable business day.

Specialty Service

Here at NSPS we provide a wide range of specialty services including: Pool Drains, Chlorine & Acid washes, Tile Cleans, Green Pool Clean Ups, One Time Clean Ups, “Pool School” – One on One Homeowner education, D.E. & Cartridge Filter Cleans, Sand Changes, Pool Inspections


Pool Decorating And Events

Owning a pools is one of life’s luxuries for sure and incorporating it into your style and home functions is totally doable. There many ways to incorporate your pool...

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COVID – Safe To Swim?

SAFE TO SWIM! People want to be safe and try to best understand covid. Covid is just like any other virus and standard precautions such as sanitation and cleanliness...

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